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What To Sell Online To Make Money

what to sell online to make money

Where Will You Start?

Everybody knows that you can make money online. It has been proven over and over again by hundreds of thousands of people. The main problem is that most people don’t know where to start. They don’t know about keywords, or PPC, or setting up a website or even what to sell online to make money.

what products to sell online

Use The Free Tools

If you want to know what to sell online it takes some research. It really doesn’t matter what you sell online, if you do it right. People will say well, you can’t sell ice cube trays online. If you put ice cube trays in front of the right audience, you can sell them.

I will tell you that picking a product is not as important as the rest of the procedure for selling online. Obviously some products are easier to sell online than others. You can make money online with whatever you choose to sell. The possibilities are endless. To make it easier, let me tell you how I go about finding a product.


Google Trends

One of the tools I use is google trends. Right now the first thing I see is Love, Death and Robots. A new TV series. Over 20,000 searches just today. You may say, I can’t sell a TV show. But you can promote streaming TV services such as Roku or TVOne. so you can start a page about The show Love, Death and Robots and place links to sell online streaming TV services.

I am not going into how to start a web page or advertising or Landing pages. This is just a post about what to sell online to make money. If you want to learn How I grew my business into what it is today you can read about Wealthy Affiliate.

Dig Deeper

If you want to get further into what people are searching for you can use the auto-complete feature of Google and Bing. Just start typing any word you can think of and the search engines will give you a list of related searches along with number of monthly searches and cost per click of each search. For example if you type baby, this will come up.

Use Bing search to make money online

671,000 people are interested in baby names. A book on baby names is perfect for people searching for baby names. If they are searching for baby names they are probably having a baby, so diapers baby clothes, cribs are all viable options to sell to these searchers. 240,000 people would probably be interested in buying a book with different baby shower games or the actual games themselves.

Another tool I use for finding ideas for what to sell, is to see what is selling right now on amazon. Just do a search for best-selling products on amazon and you can find thousands of products to sell. You can also search Mondovo to see what are the top keyword searches and the most asked questions. This site has over 100 different searches ranging from top computer keywords to top vacation searches.

Think Outside The Box

Just because someone is types a search into the box doesn’t mean that is exactly what they want. Most of the time they want precisely what they type but there are searches done every day in which people are using the search to solve a different problem. If you can pinpoint the problem, then you know what to sell them.

Be sure to dive into each search or keyword you find. Think about what people searching for really want. If people are searching for “what is a low carb diet”, do they want a low carb diet or do they just want a way to lose weight. If people are searching for sports scores maybe they need a way to watch the sports game. Make sure to think about what people really want.

Join The Club

Once you find out what to sell, you can join affiliate networks like Ebay Partner Network, ClickBank, and Rakuten Marketing. Target and Walmart also have affiliate programs for selling their products. If you can think of a Product, physical or digital, you can sell it online. You can also use these affiliate programs to find out what products are selling the best and which are the most popular.

Not always, but, usually the easier it is to join the network, the worse the products are. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money, it just means your options may be limited. Some affiliate networks require you to have an established website, and a Skype account, and be associated with another network already.

Build your own website

My advice is for you to start a website, get it up and running with at least 30 written posts, and use that to join some networks. You may have to have your website up for 2 to 6 months before you can join some networks. Starting a website may seem daunting, but I can tell you how I started mine easily with all the training included. Just read about the program I have used to get where I am today, Wealthy Affiliate

If you can accept this one fact then you will do just fine. Nobody ever gets rich overnight. If anybody tells you different, save your money.  If you have patience and can enjoy the journey, you will be able to make money with whatever you want to sell online.

I will be writing another post in the next few days about deciding whether your product is profitable, and you can actually make money with a product. I also have a post on figuring out how to do keyword research for your product.


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