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The Money Is In The List

The money is in the listThe Money Is In The List

If you have never heard that before, You will hear it more often in the IM(internet marketing) arena.

The money is in the list refers to the email lists that you collect on your website using a subscribe page, opt in page, or widget on your site. Most people use these to collect information about a viewer by offering them something for free.

Whether it be a free e-book, free tips, free access to a particular page, or signing up for a newsletter. People will enter their name and email address to get signed up and then you have their information to be able to send them information.  Can you make money without a list? Yes, but having a list can make your income increase significantly.

When People Buy

Most internet users will not buy something at first glance. The statistics show that most users will buy something between the 3rd and 5th time they see it. This makes online marketing somewhat difficult, however, this is why you want to collect information on as many people as you can that are interested in what you have to say, or sell.

collect emailsAfter collecting email information on these interested people, You can then email them with offers.  A lot of people are willing to give you their email address in exchange for something free, 12 ways to make money online, or a list of best stay at home jobs, or 7 health tips, or a free e-book or video.


There is no set way to do this, but most email marketers send out emails on a certain schedule. They will send the welcome email with a free gift as soon as the person signs up, then send an email 2 days later and an email 2 days after that, and send one 3 days after that.

Each email sent will be different from the one before and may offer something new with each new email. For example the first email is a welcome email. The second email could explain more of the benefits of the product. The third could give them something else for free. The fourth could give them some kind of discount, and so on, and so on.

automation is easyAutomate Your Emails

Most Email marketers use some form of Auto-Responder, such as A Weber, or MailChimp. These auto responders can be set to automatically deliver emails to your list at certain times. All you have to do is write the emails and set when you want them to go to subscribers. An Auto-Responder is the only way to go if you are going to get into email marketing.

The point is to get your information in front of people on a regular basis. Since many people will not buy at first sight, an email campaign can dramatically increase your earnings.


If you are not using email marketing as part of your campaign, then you are just leaving easy money on the table.  Email marketing is a great way to make money from those who did not buy at first sight.

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