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Smart Goals

Smart GoalsSetting Goals

This is very important no matter what you think.  If you were taking a vacation would you not have a destination in mind.  Without a destination you would just drive around aimlessly.  Goals work the same way.  If you don’t have a smart goal or direction for your life you will just drive around aimlessly.  A goal is a destination for your life.

You need to set goals that are long term, short term and intermediate goals.  You should have all of them.  I always tell people to start big.  let’s say a long term goal is to quit your job and be financially free.  Maybe your goal is to own your own home.

Break It Down

Figure out what would it take to be able to quit your job, or own your own home?  30k a year, 50k a year, $150,00 for a house. Now work backwards.  30 k a year works out to about $577 a week.  So, an intermediate goal would be to make $100 a week.

enjoy the journeyThen break it down further into short term goals.  For example say this week I am going to build a website.  Then next week I am going to write 10 articles on my website.  Then next week I will be listed on google.

You can break it down further into daily goals, maybe today I will write 2 posts for my website, or today I will research keywords.  Even if you didn’t find as many keywords as you thought it is still an achieved goal because you did the research.

Set A Date

ALWAYS have a date for which you intend to attain that specific goal, however, just like a trip, you don’t have to drive the whole way in one day.  Many people fail to attain their goals on a given date, but that doesn’t mean you failed, it just means you pull over for the night and continue in the morning.

Let’s say you had a goal to build a website by Sunday of this week.  You don’t quite have it done but it will only take you one more day.  You wouldn’t give up you would just push your timeline back.  You must always remember that you will not always hit your goal on the exact date.  But if you have no date to start with the journey will take a lot longer.

FOCUS is an integral part of goal setting.   Always set aside time for your goals.  If you have a goal to build a website, then think about how much time it will require.  Set aside an hour a day, or two hours a day, or set aside 6 hours on a Saturday.

keep track of your goalsKeep Track Of Your Progress

Keep track of your time in a journal or log book.  Write down what you have done.  When you see that you are actually making progress it will inspire you to do more to achieve your goals faster.

NEVER give up.  Just because you miss a deadline, or feel like it is impossible, take a break.  Take a day, take a week, take a month.  Maybe a break is just what you need to let it go for a while.

Most of the time when I take a break, my mind comes up with ideas and new goals.  I always have my phone with me and I am constantly writing down ideas and goals in my notes.

Write down your goalsOnce a day or once a week i then write down my goals on a Board in my office.  Maybe you don’t have an office, so put notes on the fridge, keep notes in your car, put notes on your bathroom mirror.  Put something in writing somewhere you will see it every day.  When you hit a goal cross it off or highlight it, something to see your progress on a daily basis.

THE best free advice I can give you is: Start making goals and writing them down.  Every journey has a beginning.  Make your beginning today.

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