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What is a Niche

what is a niche?Pick A Niche

What is  Niche?  A niche describes a  category or type of interest.  If you are into basketball, it would be an interest or a niche.  If you are into tech toys it would be an interest or a niche.  There are also micro niches such as drones, which would be in the tech toys niche. some people call them micro niches, some just say narrowing a niche.

Before you can get into internet marketing you must choose a niche.  Picking a niche can be one of the hardest things when first starting your own business online.  There are millions of niches and an unlimited number of micro niches.  When you start looking for a niche I believe you should choose one of these options.

A. Find something you are an expert on.

B. Find something you know something about.

C. Find something you want to know about

Millions of Niche optionsRandom Or Not

I have found that if you just pick a niche at random it is harder to sell something in that niche because you don’t have the enthusiasm about that niche.  If you try to sell something you know about or want to know about, it makes it easier to write articles and posts and there is enthusiasm behind what you write.  Remember, people buy online when you can build a fire in them to purchase.

If you find something you are an expert on, That is the easiest, because you can write detailed articles and build a website around your expertise.  So if you are a woodworker, or a cook, or a writer, you can find tons of things to promote in those categories.


You don’t have to be an expert.  Even if you have some knowledge of a subject you can use that to your advantage.  If you feel you want to use a niche that you are just interested in, I would do Research into that category, find out all there is to know about that area.  The more you know and like a certain thing, the easier it is to promote.

Don’t Be Broad

Once you have decided on a interest, narrow it down.  Let’s say you picked cooking.  Well cooking is a huge niche, so narrow it down to best pots and pans, or southern cooking, or baking tips.  However you don’t want to narrow it too far like sugar cookies, or halibut.  You want to be able to expand your ideas into a workable website.

If you have only how to clean copper pots, you would be limited on your website.  But, if you have how to cook seafood, then you could have lots of different avenues to explore on your website as you expand. you could have a section for best seafood stores, best pots and pans to cook seafood, recipes for seafood, etc.

Broad Niches  or Narrow ones

Enjoy The Ride

It may take time to discover your passion, but don’t worry.  Do your research and make sure you enjoy the ride.  Take your time when you are deciding on a niche.  The more time you take decide what you are really interested in, the easier it will be later down the road when you are building websites and promoting your products.

If you really want to make money with your niche, then just finding something you like.  Do a little research into what is trending online and what people search for.  But don’t shoot for the moon.  let’s say you chose “make money online.”  That market is so competitive you don’t stand a chance, but, Narrow it down to maybe, “make money online with tiny blogs”.


I say don’t shoot for the moon, but don’t narrow your selection too slim.  “Tiny purple bottle caps” probably wont get you enough traffic to make any money.  There is a lot to consider when finding a niche.

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