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My Review of Money Earning Ideas

Money Earning IdeasNo More!

I used to make reviews of different programs that claim you can earn money online. After writing review after review, I started to see a pattern emerging. I discovered that MOST of these so called “make money” programs have the same things in common.

I’m sharing all of my insights on different money earning ideas with you and hopefully you can make an informed decision on which path you would like to take on your journey toward financial freedom.

I will give you all the information about what I have learned over the years with internet marketing. If you want the truth about making money online, then you have come to the right place.

ALMOST The Last Review You Will Ever Need

THE Last Review You Will Ever Need is Here.

If you have ever searched online for reviews of different programs, then I am sure you have found many of them look like self-serving ads for that particular product. Most reviews these days for internet marketing programs are written by people who have never used the product or only have the highlights to write about.

I am not saying all reviews are this way, but in my experience over the years, I have found that most are. These programs get affiliates to promote their product, and these affiliates create a blog post or website showing the pros and cons. They are delivering more pros than cons, just to get you interested enough to click the link and go to the sales page.

Earn MoneyEasy Money

Making money on the internet is one of the best types of passive income. I myself make money on the internet. Realistically, anyone can do it.

Be skeptical about everything. “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is” as my mother used to say. Don’t let the thought of making easy money allow you to miss the fine print and the details

I’m sure you have seen the exciting titles like “make 10k in a month” or “make $300 overnight” or “Make money while you sleep”. All of these exciting options are absolutely true. You can make 10k in a month. You can make money while you sleep.

OOPS! I Forgot

Yes, I just said it’s possible to make lots of money on the internet. But, what I didn’t mention, and what a lot of those programs don’t mention is that it Does Not Happen Overnight. A lot of programs make you think that you just make a web page, purchase ads online, or buy traffic, and people will come running to buy your product.

That equation isn’t giving you the full picture. I should know. It took me years of research and purchasing those products to finally make any money online. Yes, I purchased a lot of those make money programs over the years. That is why I am confident in what I am telling you here today.

I spent thousands of dollars over the years on “get rich” programs, and websites, and advertising, and paid traffic, and keyword tools, etc, etc. I also spent hundreds of hours online searching for all the missing pieces that you didn’t get from those programs.

Now, I am making money online, mostly due to my research, and finding people willing to help me along the way, not from the programs that I purchased.

oasis of money

No Need For Experience

You don’t need experience. Everything you need will be included with your purchase.  $49.99 is all you need to get started.  If you want personal training, it’s only $299 more, and if you want the tools it’s only $99 a month, and if you wanted updated tips, tricks, and keywords it’s only another $39 a month.

The paragraph above shows you what a lot of these companies do at the checkout stand. Once they get you to buy the starter product, then they make you believe you have to buy everything else to succeed.

Starting with no experience 10 years ago, I fell right into the trap. Let me tell you, without experience it is easy to get lured into the whole “get-rich-quick” mentality.

Now, you don’t need experience to get started, however without experience you will need lots of support and training. A lot of these programs will say they have support and training, but the training sessions are more of any overview, and don’t really get into specifics.

Support, Hello support, can you hear me support. Nuff said about support.

The Devil Is In The Details

If I told you, you could have one million dollars if you could get to my house, would you come? What if I told you all you had to do is take a flight out of Denver in the morning, then take the ferry in the afternoon, then rent a bike for the final leg of the trip, and you will see my house. Not very specific is it. Also very costly if you were to try all the flights, and all the ferries.

If I told you how to make a page on a website by using Word Press, gave you an outline, and taught you what the buttons were for, Would that be enough? what if I added, how to add pictures, how to add affiliate links, and how to write an article? OK what if I told you how many keywords you need and where to put them? what If I helped you with plugins for Word Press?

I will tell you there are lot more details than that. With all the programs I purchased over the years, None of them gave me even that much detail. How long do you think it would take to get ranked in the search engines if you had to learn the details on your own, or had to purchase 12 different products to learn everything?
How to Create Extra Income

Know the Truth

If you want to succeed long-term in online marketing, There are certain things you need to learn right away.

ONE, TIME is not the enemy. Building an online business takes time. But, I can tell you, it is worth it! It took me almost 8 years, not constantly, but from my beginning to the time I started making money was about 8 years. If I knew then what I know now, I could have gone from start to great money in 6 months, not 8 years.

TWO, DON’T take shortcuts. For example: If your website is not ready, don’t pay for advertising. paying money to send people to a website that they won’t stay on is a total waste of money. Trust me, I Know.

THREE, FIND A Mentor or Group of people willing to help you grow an online business. I don’t suggest you pay a fortune for this. And I am not a mentor.  There are lots of great articles on my website and I will answer any questions you submit in the comments, but I will not charge for anything.

FOUR, ENJOY the journey. I know it can be frustrating at times, when your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic, or no sales, or you have been writing articles for a week and it seems like a lost cause.

FIVE, REMEMBER number ONE, It takes time. Build your web presence the right way. Don’t cut corners. I used to think I could get-rich-quick. Money can be made quick, but it is fleeting and not enough to live on. I realized that building a business online is a slow adventure that pays off in the end if you do it the right way.

Learn From Me

I can not speak for all make money programs, only for the twelve online programs that I purchased personally. This review is only meant to represent my experience in dealing those programs. I will not name all the programs I purchased. I am just giving my opinion of what I learned and didn’t learn from them. The only program I have ever found to satisfy all the conditions required for building a long-lasting online business is Wealthy Affiliate.

See my Review of Wealthy Affiliate Here

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