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Keyword Research

Look For The SignsImportance Of Keywords

Many people have debated about the importance of keywords for a long time.  In my opinion they are the most important thing when writing content for your site.

These specific words are used by search engines to direct traffic to your website.  The trick is learning how to use them properly.  Keyword research is critical in writing posts for your site.

I do research before I even write a post.  I usually know what I am going to write about, but I research different terms to see which one has the least competition and the most traffic that will help drive customers to my site.

Outhink Your Competitors

Once I have a thought about what content to add to my site I use Bing keyword tool and the one on Google.  I think up possible variations of the theme of my post and enter those items into the tool.  It will spit out hundreds of variations with competition amount, CPC(cost per click), and monthly searches.

I try to pick terms that have low competition, low CPC, and high traffic.  Everyone has different ways to use this data.  I tend to use words or phrases that have at least 50 visitors per month, low competition, and no more than 20 cents per click.

Once I have narrowed it down I pick one that is the most relative to the theme of my post.


Less Is More

Rule number 1 of using key terms in your post.  DO NOT use “Keyword stuffing.” This is when you place that word or phrase many times in your post.  Doing this tends to cause you to write in an un-natural way.

The search engines will also penalize you for this by not showing your pages or posts in the search results.  It could also cause your entire site to be banned from showing on google.

Write your article or post just like you would speak normally and forget about your search term.  Look at your post and STOP every time you see your key word or phrase.  Count the number of times it appears on the page.

Make sure you put your search phrase in the post title, and no more than 3 times in the body of your article.  getting ranked on google is slow, but getting your site banned from searches happens quick.

Keyword Sources

When I am searching for key words, I use lots of different sources.  Google Keyword Planner, Bing keyword planner, and the tool on the from Wealthy Affiliate, of which I am a member, are some of the tools I use.

I just enter a word or phrase into the search box and see what they come up with for alternatives.  I also type those words or phrases into the search boxes on Yahoo, Bing, and Google to see how many competing sites come up.

Final Thoughts

when you are researching words or phrases, try to use long tailed keywords.  This means instead of using “bubble bath”, use “bubble bath treatments” or “benefits of bubble baths.”  Longer search terms are easier to rank for on the search engines and tend to be lower in competition, and cheaper CPC.

Making your key words part of your title also makes it easy to keep track of all of them, if you search your rankings manually.  Just enter your each term into the search engine search box and see where your site comes up in the list.

Hope this post was helpful along your journey to financial freedom.

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