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How To Get Your Website Approved By Google Adwords

Google AdwordsIn The Beginning

Google adwords is very picky about the types of ads and websites that get approved for CPC(cost per click) advertising.  They want to make sure that websites provide good content without spam, and they have tons of regulations regarding wording of ads and what’s in your website before you can get your website approved by Google Adwords.

Right off the bat, you cannot use Affiliates links with Adwords.  You must have an actual website, and you cannot use a redirect from a website to an affiliate link.

You can buy a domain or you can use a free website.  The benefit to buying a domain is that you will have a straight up domain name like instead of

Shorter website names are easier for people to remember, and they project more trust than a free website.  If you buy a domain I suggest getting a .com instead of .net or .us or others.  most people are so used to using .com so, if you get a .net people might type in the .com just out of habit and be taken to someone elses’ site.

SEO Tips

After you have decide on which way to start and build your site, you should link google search console, bing webmaster tools, and pinterest site verification.  These will help your site indexing with the search engines.  Make sure that you use SEO techniques to help your site rank better.

Google AnalyticsGoogle looks for original content so, don’t copy and paste articles to your website.  You can use other articles for inspiration, just be sure to write it in your own words.  If you are promoting products DO NOT put more than 3 to 4 outbound links per page.  I usually put 2 or 3 paragraphs of original content then a link, then 2 to 3 more paragraphs and a link.

You will want to have at least 2 pages on your website.  I suggest one of those pages be a post page or blog roll.  On this page I usually don’t have any links or maybe 3 or 4 posts without links and 1 with a link.  The more original content without links the better.


Make all of your posts and text relevant to your website or keyword.  I usually put my main keywords 1 to 3 times per page or post.  Any more than that and it looks like you are keyword stuffing.  Remember when adding keywords you must make the page or post read smoothly just like in a normal conversation.

If your keyword is “How to lose belly fat” you would not write  “I have been looking for how to lose belly fat.”  Instead write “I have researched many programs on how to lose belly fat.”  Make sure it reads easily.  That is a main point, to believe you are having a conversation with your viewers.  The more relevant your posts are, the higher ranking you get from the search engines.

Add Art

Images in your post

Add  a picture to your posts.  I suggest at least 2 pictures on a static page and 1 to 5 pictures on every post depending on length and content.  make sure that the pictures are not too big so they overpower your posts.  Content is the main goal, but pictures can help your rankings.  be sure to add alt text for your pictures.  do not use the same key word for every picture.  The search engines will only use the alt text and not the picture itself.  So, it is another way to get your keywords on a page.

Speaking Of Keywords

DO NOT keyword stuff.  keyword stuffing is just randomly adding keywords 50 times to a page.  This will not help your rankings.  Your page has to read easily and be grammatically correct.

The algorithym that Google and Bing use is highly complex and can tell when a page is stuffed with keywords and you will be penalized by the search engines for this.  I usually focus on 8 to 10 keywords for my website but I only focus on 1 or 2 keywords per page or post.

Set up different campaigns for each key word to easily keep track of how each word is doing.  I try to use 3 or 4 different ads for each keyword.  This way I can test different ads to see which ads or keywords are working.

False Claims

Don't make false claimsBIG NO-NO.  NEVER put false claims on your website.  A false claim is saying if you do this, this will happen. Such as: “If you use this weight loss product you are guaranteed to lose 50 lbs in a week.”  The search engines do not like claims. Just because 10 people can lose 50 lbs does not mean all people can lose 50 lbs.Another example is saying “If you buy this product you will earn $1000 a day.”

So be generalized with your information.  Also DO NOT use any medical terms in your website. I found out all of these things the hard way.  The word “Insulin” will not cause your application to be denied, but it will put your campaign in a limited status so your ads will not show to everybody.

Your ads will have the same restrictions as your website, no claims, no keyword stuffing, and no medical terms.  Your ads must be relevant to your website.  Be sure to use the same keywords in the title and description of your ad as you use in your website.  If your website title is “How to lose weight without dieting” and your ad says “Exercise your way to a fit body” The search engines will say that your ad is not relevant to your website and decline your ad.

Get Your Website Approved By Google Adwords

Approved, Almost

Now, After you get approval by Google or Bing for your ads, you have to make sure your ads are running.  One thing that will stop your ads from running is poor rating by the search engine or CPC set too low.

Poor ratings can be caused by the website being new, which can only be fixed with time, so there isn’t much you can do about that.  Everything I mentioned above will also cause low ratings, original content, keywords, relevance, and so on.  You must also do your research on your keywords.

If the top of page CPC is $1.25 per click and you only budget $.85 per click your ads will not run or will be placed on the second or third page.   In this situation you would have to raise your bid, or start over with a better or cheaper keyword.  Remember when you are paying for advertising, you must monitor your CPC and your sales.  If you are spending $1 per click, and make 1 sale per 100 people, and a sale is worth $37, that means you spent $100 in advertising to get $37 in sales.

I hope this was helpful to you.  If you have questions or comments please let me know.

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