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Get in the right mindset

get in the right mindsetMind Over Matter

You have to get in the right mindset to be successful at any endeavor.  Internet marketing is no different.  You have to make the decision to put all of your time and effort into it if you want to be successful.  People with the best of intentions fail due to lack of commitment.  Be sure to set yourself up for success by getting in the right mindset by focusing on what you want and how to get there.

My best advice for you is not to come into internet marketing wanting to make money.  Yes I said that.  I came into this business and the only thing on my mind was putting big money in my pocket.


That mind set hurt me more than helped me.  I learned this lesson the hard way, but I hope you take this to heart and don’t make that same mistake. It took me a while to understand but, you have to help people to be successful. Money is a side effect of helping people.

Money Is A Side Effect Of Helping People

That’s right money is a side effect of helping people.  Let me explain.  Think about why people buy things on the internet.  Think about why you buy things on the internet.  Now price is obviously a concern, but normally it is not the main concern.

If somebody you don’t know tried to sell you a used computer for $50 you would be leery right?  but if your best friend wanted to sell you his used computer for $400 you would be more willing to buy. WHY? TRUST.  Trust is huge, even online.

Earn your customers trust

2 Main Reasons People Buy From You

  1. You have their trust
  2. You solve a problem

So you need to get in the mind set that you are going to help people.  To help people you have to solve their problem and get them to trust you.  There are a million problems out there and a million solutions.




Being overweight     Solution – lead them to a diet plan

Being Broke     Solution – show them an internet marketing course

Bored/overworked     Solution – point them to a vacation planner

Now the best part is you can sell all of these solutions online.  Sell something that you are interested in or are an expert on. It is so much easier to sell something that you know something about. Find a solution to the problem is the easy part.

Earn TrustBecome Trusted

You have to then gain their trust. How is this accomplished?  There is really only one way, and it’s not easy or fast but it’s necessary.   You have to have a website that has lots of visitors and lots of people comment about it and share it on social media.  There are ways to do this that I will share in later posts but the main point of this post is to get in the right mindset.

Your Goal should be to help people.  The more people you can help, The richer you will become.  You can make money on the internet by starting your own business.  Set your goals and get in the right mindset

Just remember  Help people solve a problem, Gain internet exposure, Earn their trust, Get Paid!


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