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Can You Make Money Online

can you make money online5 Myths About Making Money Online. 

1. You Can’t Make Money Online

Most people will tell you it is a pipe dream if you think you can make money online.  Most people are right.  There have been millions of people who have tried and failed to make money online. 

 There are also millions of people who have succeeded in earning part time and full time incomes online.  Making money online has gotten a terrible reputation over the years due to some people, NOT all, who have used deceitful practices to make money on the internet.  They have produced programs that claim to teach you how to get rich online and then don’t deliver.  

Some of these so called money making authors never actually made any money online other than selling their so called “programs”.  They have given a bad name to the people that are making money respectably.  

Millions of people bought those programs and failed to make money, so they spread the word that it’s impossible to make money online.  Everyone can make money online if they have the right teacher.

2. You Must Have Your Own Product To Sell

NOPE. You do not have to have your own product.  You can sell other peoples products.  No need to even have to have a warehouse.  Just direct people to a website that sells a product and you can collect a commission.  You can also sell digital products.  Digital products are online books, training courses, and videos that are just downloaded from a website.  

There are over 5 million products you can sell online and never have to touch the product. Obviously if you have your own product you can make more money and you can even get affiliates to sell your product for you.  Most people who have made money online started selling other peoples products, and many people make a good living at it.

3. You Can Get Rich Quick

A lot of people see these money making programs and the authors will show you a screen shot of all the money they made this week.  They say they just made 10k in the last 30 days.  

That may be true, but it took them a long time to get to the point where they were making that kind of money.  It takes a lot of work to build a great website, and get ranked on the search engines, and get traffic to your site, and build an email list, and make sales.  Don’t go into this with the get rich quick mentality. It just doesn’t work that way.

4. You Have to Spend Money to Make Money

Completely false.  Some of us on the internet have built successful businesses with little to no investment.  There are places all over the internet to build free websites.  You can get free traffic to your website.  There are free ways to advertise.  The right techniques will even get you ranked on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.   

A lot of online entrepreneurs started out with nothing but an internet connection and a dream, and now they are millionaires.  Now Spending money to automate things or advertise may get you there quicker, but you can start a business for free and make money online. 

Now it may not be enough money to quit your job, but as long as you use some of the money you make, to invest in your online success.  You can grow your business into something great.

5. You Can Make 100% Passive Income

Not quite,  The internet is always changing thus you must change with it.  When you build a website you must constantly update the information and add new information on a regular basis.  

Search engines like to see new and original content on websites which helps them rank higher.  Also the algorithms they use change over time, so what worked to get ranked last year may not work this year.  People also change.  You have to be able to change with your audience.

If you can find the right information and use the right tools and find good mentors you can make money online.  Remember, anyone can turn small money making ideas into great money making side careers.

My best wishes for you in all your endeavors

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 Learn How You Can make money online

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  1. Eddie

    There are ways to make passive income but most people who get the “make money online” bug, they just want to make a buck without working for it. That’s the problem. It’s possible to make money online but like any other business, there is work involved without the hype!
    Thanks for your article in this matter.

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